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    Dolls  17" TO 24" TALL
  Oh! what a wedding. Laura Bride, Daisy Pedals and Rind Bear-err  
                             Daisy Pedals        Ring Bear-err      Laura Bride
                                                    Limited to 10 world wide
                                  This set is ready to ship!
  Welcome to the wedding ,Laura is the beautiful bride.  She is 21" tall and has her diamond engagement ring on . As you can see she is ready for her big day.  Daisy Peals  is a delighted flower girl. Limited to 25 world wide.  She has an all porcelain body and stands 12' tall.  Ring Bear-err is an Artist Mohair bear by Virginia Jasmere.
 Daisy Pedals is $ 350.00  , Ring Bear-err is $210 and Laura Bride  is $850.00 all + s/h  
  Ipsy Original Porcelain Doll by Linda Lee Sutton   Lacie Marie by Linda Lee Sutton   Beautiful Fancy Feet by Linda Lee Sutton  
Limited to 15 world wide
  Lacie Marie
Limited to 25 world wide
  Fancy Feet
Limited to 7 world wide
  Ipsy is a darling toddler that will steal you heart!  She stands 22" tall .  She likes to sit and gather her feathered friends to her.
$850.00 + s/h
  Lacie Marie is a beauty and she stands 19" tall.  She is dressed in a beautiful dark mauve with black tones.  A black French wired ribbon frames her beautiful hair style.
$750.00 +s/h
  Inspired by "Ginger" Fancy Feet is 20" tall.  She has an all porcelain body that articulates.
Each dance costume is different and made with exquisite fabrics
Call for Price.
  Welcome to Anyas Garden.  Original Porcelain Doll     Mimeau sculpted from an antique picture.  
  Anyas Garden
Limited to 10 world wide
  Goose Girl
Limited 10 World Wide
  Mimeau Sitting
Limited to 5 world wide
  Anya comes from the garden carrying the fruits of her labors. She stands 22" tall.
She would like to share her garden with you.
$825.00 + s/h
  With Big Blue eyes and a smile
on her face Goose Girl proudly walks with her pet Goose. Her fancy printed dress and  airy straw heat outfit her for a summers day. She stands 21" tall.   $595.00 + s/h
  I sculpted Mimeau from a beautiful child in an antique painting.  Her hand painted eyes reflect the same color as her hair.  She stands 24" tall.
$895.00 + s/h
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