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Native American Dolls

  Linda enjoys designing the North American Indian Dolls.  Each doll is original and comes in limited editions.  Leather is used in the costumes and the beading and baby boards are made  by varied North American  Indian Tribes.  She hunts for these pieces in her travels, finding them mostly in Museums.
  "Pomp" in a Warm Springs Board. Linda Lee Sutton    Raven beautiful original doll by Linda Lee Sutton   Original porcelain doll by Linda Lee Sutton. Indian Child
Limited to 20 world wide
Limited to 5 world wide
  Little Cattail
Limited to 20 world wide
  Pomp is cuddled in an authentic Warm Springs
Cradle Board.  The total
height is 25".  Call for price.

  Raven stands 28" tall.  Her costume is of leather and hand beaded. The accessories are beaded by the Colville Indian Ladies
Her price is $1,095 + s/h
  Little Cattail, 18",  is dressed in leather and is sitting on a pumas stone with cattails behind her (included)
You can add her to
 your collection for 
$675.00 + s/h
  Origianl Porcelain Natice American Dolls. Creek Mary and Littler Red Rose   Flutter-Bi Origianl Doll by Linda Lee Sutton   You Chief Joseph Original by Linda Lee Sutton
   Creek Mary Limited 20
     and Little Red Rose
 limited to 10 world wide
Limited to 12 world  wide
  Young Chief Joseph  Golfer
Limited to 10 world wide
  28.5" Creek Mary and 17"
Little Red Rose make a charming pair  or order as
individuals .
CreekMary is $1,195.00
Little Red Rose Toddler
is $625.00 + s/h
  Flutter-Bi is 22" seated.
She is made of porcelain and  her costume is of leather (in various colors) with beading by Native Americans.
$725.00 + s/h
  Young Chief Joseph, 15", as he might appear today in Washington. His costume
is handmade of leather, Penalton wool and cotton.
         $550.00 + s/h
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                                  Linda Lee Sutton Original Porcelain Dolls.

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