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   Doll Faced Flower Potts
   Linda's latest creation. Porcelain flower pots with faces sculpted in relief.  Linda hand paints the eyes and face just like the dolls.  They can be ordered with drainage holes for planting or no drainage hole to use as a fresh flower vase.  Plants not included.  Limited editions is open.  $73.00 each and no shipping charge on these.  They measure  approximately 4" tall and the circumference at the top is 12".  Choose from Ninita, Brigitte,
Demi, Lexi, Baby Moon, Freddie Lee, and not pictured is an authentic Bleuette face flower Pott.
  Freddie Lee  by Linda Lee Sutton Ninita by Linda Lee Sutton   Demi by Linda Lee Sutton
  Ready to Ship.
"Freddie Lee"
"Ninita"   Ready to Ship.
  Brigitte by Linda Lee Sutton Baby Moon by Linda Lee Sutton   Lexie by Linda Lee Sutton
  "Brigitte" "Baby Moon"   Ready to Ship.
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