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           Original Porcelain Dolls 16" and Smaller
  True Love Original Porcelain Doll by Linda Lee Sutton   Lifes a Bowl of Cherries By Linda Lee Sutton Seetie Bird  A must for every garden.  
            True Love
Limited  to  5 world wide
      Life's A Bowl of Cherries
     Limited to 10 world wide
          Sweetie Bird

    Limited to 10 world wide
  True Love  is a 15" cutie.
One of a kind costumes will
adorn each "True Love" doll
The painting easel is scaled to her size.
       $495.00 + s/h
   Cherry is 13.5" tall and is decked out in her Mother's apron.  She has an all porcelain body. The fruit, pie
and chair are included.
    $ 425.00 + s/h
Sweetie is 12" tall and dressed
in mo-hair fur fabric. His wings are wired to bend.  He has caught and holds a Terra Cotta earth worm
   $ 350.00 + s/h
  All Porcelain Doll by Linda Lee Sutton           Kit Kat a tiny little Kitten.  By Linda Lee Sutton  
            Little Girl
 Limited to 35 world wide
                 This doll is ready for shipping!                       
                                         Kit Cat
                         Limited to 35 world wide
  "Little Girl" stands 10" tall on her all porcelain body. She has hand blown glass eyes.  The wig colors may vary.
         $210.00 + s/h
  Kit Cat is a "little" darling as she is 6" tall.  She comes nestled in her own little wicker lined Bed 'n' Basket.. Victorian Style. Accessories pictured included. Sew a wardrobe for this furry Kitten doll.
              $250.00 + s/h
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                                  Linda Lee Sutton Original Porcelain Dolls.

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